The Committee of cultural promotion of Montefoscoli

The museum is always at the center of social and cultural initiatives, during the year it is dressed in a thousand colors and as many initiatives ... some examples:

A CHRISTMAS CRIB DAY The 6 th of January, the Museum of peasant civilization becomes the stage of an original Christmas crib representation. A modern revisiting of the nativity and gift meaning, every year a different theme will drive the visitor through the search of tradition, dressed of innovation.

THE “FEAST OF PEASANT CIVILIZATION”, Every June weekend, as for tradition, turns around the “Feast of Peasant Civilization”, a two-days event full of shows, arts and crafts, street artists and a lot of music.

“A CHRISTMAS TO INVENT” In December, Montefoscoli gets painted of Christmas colours, with stalls, games and shows, but also workshops, cakes and solidal snack.

“THE NIGHTS OF FULL MOON”, All the months in the nights of full moon, you can enjoy the pleasure of a walk from the Museum to the Minerva Medica temple, in company of moon and lanterns, discovering the misterious meeting between history and symbolism.

“IT’S POETRY” A soiree dedicated to reading poems and classical texts, but also modern and inedited, because everyone has something to say and a lot of people want to hear it.

“THE THEME DINNERS” Our dinners are always original in tastes and artistic outline: inside the oil mill of the Museum you will have a good evening with great food, wine and theatrical art.

We create and organize… also what we already don’t know!!


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