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The Museum of the peasant civilization

Opened in 1996 and expanded in 2005 with the family house Vacca Berlinghieri is a dive into the past, a journey in the footsteps of the peasants. Visiting the museum we could rediscover uses and customs of a past but not too much time!

The Committee of cultural promotion of Montefoscoli

The “Comitato di promozione culturale di Montefoscoli” (the Committee of cultural promotion of Montefoscoli” is an association that promotes events, manifestations and parties on his territory. The 16 th of April 1996 a group of people, all volunteers and willing opened the “Museo della civiltà Contadina”, extended then with the rooms at the upper part of the Casa “Museo Famiglia Vaccà Berlinghieri” (Family House Vaccà Berlighieri) in the 2005.  To manage the Museum the same people had previously constituted an association, the “Comitato di Promozione Culturale di Montefoscoli”, later registered to the Onlus register, made of a directive council and over 100 partners.


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